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  • Luxurious design with LED lights.
  • Long-lasting e-liquid freshness seal.
  • Safe and comfortable automatic puffing.
  • Leak-proof cartridges for pure flavors.
  • Versatile vaping with compatible devices.


Ash Marble
Classic Black
Classic Blue
Classic Brown
Green Inlaid Gold
Luxury Walnut
Mint Blue
Pink Marble
Red Inlaid Gold
Sakura Pink
White Inlaid Gold

VMATE E – a sleek and stylish vaping device with a gorgeous leather and metal design that shines and looks splendid. This device is perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their vaping experience. The body is made of elegant metal and polished in 14 processes over 150 minutes to achieve its smoothness and gloss. The leather offers an optimal touch feeling and luxury style, while the marble and wood grains are unique and exquisite. The VMATE E also comes in a range of beautiful colors including Classic Black, Mint Blue, Ash Marble, Pink Marble, Sakura Pink, Luxury Walnut, Green Inlaid Gold, White Inlaid Gold, Classic Blue, Red Inlaid Gold, and Classic Brown.
One of the key features of the VMATE E is its innovative 5A freshness-seal technique, which combines anti-dust, anti-light, anti-volatile, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial functions. This means that the device is designed to maintain the freshness of your e-liquid for longer periods. The device covers the mouthpiece to block dust and fluff from outside, which is particularly useful when carrying the device in a pocket or bag. Additionally, the device efficiently shades the oil chamber in the dark, preventing light deterioration of the e-liquid by reflecting light. The mouthpiece plugs inside the cover seal the mouthpiece and e-liquid in an airtight space, insulating the e-liquid from oxidation and preventing it from becoming volatile. The silver ion mouthpiece also enhances hygiene by providing a 99% anti-bacterial rate.
The VMATE E also features a thoughtful humanized design with its automatic puffing pressure regulation. The device switches matching powers by puffing pressure automatically, reducing the output at the end of each puff when airflow becomes smaller. This feature prevents overheated vapor from burning your lips and prolongs the lifespan of the coil effectively. Additionally, the sideway air adjustment makes it easy to switch the airflow from tight to loose, allowing users to adjust the airflow at will.
The device is also fully rechargeable and supports a long day of vaping with its 1200mAh battery capacity. The upgraded cartridges of the VMATE E are designed for purer flavors and have been fully upgraded from internal structure to external design. The new cotton wrapping method avoids oil spitting to get finer and smoother clouds, while the coil of the 1.2Ω cartridge changes from helicity to mesh. The innovative dual-hole air inlets at the bottom capture balanced airflow from two directions, preventing leakage and isolating the condensate.
The VMATE Cartridge V2, with a capacity of 3.0ml, is made of PCTG and silver ion, and comes in two resistance options – 0.7Ω and 1.2Ω. It is recommended to use e-liquids with nicotine levels of 50mg or lower. The VMATE E, made of zinc alloy and leather, has an output power of ≤20W, an output voltage of 3.2-4.2V, and a resistance of 0.3-3Ω. It also features a TYPE-C 5V/1.2A charging current.

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Ash Marble, Classic Black, Classic Blue, Classic Brown, Green Inlaid Gold, Luxury Walnut, Mint Blue, Pink Marble, Red Inlaid Gold, Sakura Pink, White Inlaid Gold

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