VGOD Nic Salt 30 ml

  • Nicotine strength: 25mg or 50mg
  • Bottle size: 30ml capacity
  • Flavor options: Wide variety available
  • Smooth vaping experience: Nicotine salts
  • Premium quality ingredients: Finest extracts
  • The enhanced nicotine absorption rate
  • Well-balanced flavor profiles: Expertly crafted
  • High-quality nicotine: Purity guarantee
  • Convenient chubby gorilla bottle design
  • Suitable for transitioning smokers


Apple Bomb
Apple Bomb Iced
Banana Blast
Berry Bomb
Berry Bomb Iced
Cubano Black
Cubano Brown
Cubano Silver
Dry Tobacco
Lush Ice
Mango Bomb
Mango Bomb Iced
Mighty Mint
Purple Bomb
Purple Bomb Iced
25 mg
50 mg

VGOD also offers a range of e-liquids in nicotine salt form, providing vapers with an alternative option for their vaping needs. Nicotine salt e-liquids are formulated using nicotine salts rather than the freebase nicotine found in traditional e-liquids. This formulation allows for a smoother vaping experience and faster nicotine absorption.

VGOD’s nicotine salt e-liquids maintain the same commitment to quality, flavor, and satisfaction as their regular e-liquids. They are crafted using the finest ingredients and blended by VGOD’s master mixologists to ensure a premium vaping experience.

Just like their regular e-liquids, VGOD’s nicotine salt e-liquids are available in a variety of flavors to cater to different preferences. These flavors are carefully crafted to deliver a well-balanced and enjoyable vaping experience.

The nicotine salt e-liquids from VGOD also come in 60ml chubby gorilla bottles with varying nicotine strengths of 25mg and 50mg. These strengths are suitable for vapers who prefer higher nicotine concentrations or those who are transitioning from traditional cigarettes.

By offering nicotine salt e-liquids, VGOD provides vapers in Pakistan with a broader range of options to choose from, allowing them to find the perfect e-liquid to suit their preferences and vaping style. Whether you prefer regular e-liquids or nicotine salt e-liquids, VGOD has you covered with its high-quality offerings.

Additional information

Apple Bomb, Apple Bomb Iced, Banana Blast, Berry Bomb, Berry Bomb Iced, Cubano Black, Cubano Brown, Cubano Silver, Dry Tobacco, Lush Ice, Mango Bomb, Mango Bomb Iced, Mighty Mint, Purple Bomb, Purple Bomb Iced

Nicotine Level

25 mg, 50 mg

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