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Lost Vape – Ursa Nano Pod Kit

1- Power Range 5-18W 2- Reliable auto draw function 3- Slim, lightweight, and pocket friendly 4- Fast type C USB charging 5- 800mAh Battery Capacity 6- No leaking

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The Ursa Nano Pod Kit is a compact and user-friendly device designed for vapers who prefer a portable and easy-to-use setup. Made of sturdy zinc alloy, the Ursa Nano Pod Kit is built to last and can withstand everyday wear and tear. The device measures roughly half an inch thick and has textured plates on both sides, which change color depending on the light and angle through which you view them. This feature adds a touch of uniqueness to the device and makes it stand out from other pod systems.

The Ursa Nano Pod Kit features a refillable and leak-proof pod that is compatible with most nic salts. The pod is designed to deliver a smooth and consistent vaping experience, with two types of coil resistance available (1.0ohm or 0.8ohm) to cater to different preferences. The device is powered by an 800mAh battery, which can deliver up to 18W of power, providing enough power to last for an extended period.

One of the unique features of the Ursa Nano Pod Kit is its beveled sides, which add to the comfort of the device when holding it. The front and back panels are a little oily, which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the device. The device also features an airflow slider located on one side of the battery that provides approximately 4mm of space to work with. Even when the slider is increased, the overall symmetry of the battery section is maintained by a recess.

The Ursa Nano Pod Kit is entirely reliant on its ability to auto-draw and a single LED to monitor battery activity and drain. The LED can be seen at the bottom of the colored panel and will pulse and light up when the device is activated by a draw. The LED displays different colors depending on the battery level, with green indicating a fully charged battery, blue indicating a battery level of 3.9V, and red indicating a battery level of 3.7V. If the battery charge goes below 3.3V, the LED will flash red five times, and the device will turn off. The LED will remain solid green when the battery is fully charged.

The Ursa Nano Pod Kit comes with a disposable pod that is 37.4mm tall and half of which is recessed within the battery part. The small bore of the molded mouthpiece (4.5mm) is in keeping with what you would expect from an MTL experience. The fill port is around 6mm wide and easy to use. The fill port can handle most bottle nozzles and is approximately 5mm in diameter. Filling the pod in a horizontal position yields the best results. It is recommended to allow five minutes for the e-juice to soak into the cotton before using the pod for the first time.

It is essential to prime the coils and pods before use and exercise caution when handling rechargeable batteries. The Ursa Nano Pod Kit is an excellent choice for vapers who prioritize portability, convenience, and ease of use. The device is packed with features that cater to different preferences, providing a unique and personalized vaping experience.

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